Stirling motor HB11 – Little Pump

Finished model | Kit

Stirling motor HB11 – Little Pump Kit
Stirlingmotor HB11 – Little Pump Bild1
Stirlingmotor HB11 – Little Pump Bild2
    Stirlingmotor HB11 – Little Pump Detailbild1
    Stirlingmotor HB11 – Little Pump Detailbild2

    The most sold Böhm-Stirling convinces with its unique charm

    Enjoy the „Little Pump“ with its overhead rocker arm and finely machined crankshaft. This small one achieves great speed!

    Technical Data

    DIMENSIONSHeight 13 cm, Width 15,6 cm, Depth 10,8 cm
    MATERIALSStainless steel screws, stainless steel guide components, massive brass wheels and cylinder.
    approx. 15—20 Min.
    800—2000 Rev/min (depending on flame size and spacing)
    CONTENTS OF ASSEMBLY KIT56 Pieces, of which 4 ball bearings
    ASSEMBLY TIMEapprox. 1,5 Hours
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