HB6 - Coffee Stirlingengine

Finished model | Kit

HB6 - Coffee Stirlingengine Kit
HB6 - Kaffee Stirlingmotor Bild1
HB6 - Kaffee Stirlingmotor Bild2
    HB6 - Kaffee Stirlingmotor Detailbild1
    HB6 - Kaffee Stirlingmotor Detailbild2

    The Coffee-Stirlingengine HB6 shows with one spin of the simple way of converting thermal energy into motion.

    Based on the pioneering work done by Dr Senft at the University of Wisconsin, this model has been meticulously engineered.
    This engine will operate from many heat sources, including hot water, computer monitor, TV and the human hand.

    The cup is not a part of HB6!

    Download: Assembly instruction (pdf)

    Technical Data

    DIMENSIONSBase plates 92 mm diameter, Flywheel 82 mm diameter, Overall height 120 mm
    MATERIALSStainless steel connecting rods and bearings, aluminum, brass flywheel
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